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Someone seems to overhear my phone. " Jung mongjun party members that the recent National Intelligence Service in the best mobile phone surveillance on the 'Contact' and, she said. Tablets have the best members of congress party (July 3) until recently, before his phone call, or sensitivity, often breaking away to close, saying, "Is not you think I was eavesdropping clubmz review. Asking about what happened" because he . Top members of Jung said "I ask for NIS cell phone wiretapping equipment is not at all heard the answer," he said.In politics, "Chung best member 'Grasslands bokjip incident since the Government is sensitive to" come out the analysis. Jung was the best member of the unification Kuomintang presidential candidate in 1992 that worked as honorary chairman of Hyundai Group, Chung Ju-yung former Fleet chairman in charge of the Busan and Gyeongnam, the head of a local election issue, together with the scene overheard discussing the case engaged in grassland bokjip guilty (sentence Grace) has been convicted. A leading member of the tapping was positive he fled to the funding (he concealed) was accused of.Hongjunpyo also an important leader, to talk about mobile phone habits have not. "The how and when the phone deuleulji Do you know who" is the word often. The two men both a responsibility NIS institution is responsible for the National Information Commissioner. I won the national intelligence matters yireotda legally threatening phone ongoing monitoring and Communications Privacy Act amendment faces an uphill fight.[Hwangdaejin reporters]NIS phone 'legal wiretapping' push [JoongAng Ilbo]Advanced to meet international standards ... the opposition "privacy guard" oppositional.National Intelligence Service (NIS) to expand the eavesdropping Clubmz reviews to the main content of the Communications Privacy Act amended to pursue it is a controversial issue.Garden State officials five days, "If mobile phone companies need to gamcheonghal Communications Privacy Act should be amended to" and "the Justice Department prepared an amendment of the concrete," he said. The "Mobile Communication Equipment for monitoring clubmz scam cactching gear companies' settlement obligations NIS and law enforcement agencies get a court warrant for wiretapping requests saying you have to cooperate," he explained. The official "National Intelligence Service also needs to be developed to meet international standards," said "the current system include increasing rapidly international crime, industrial espionage crimes can not cope," he insisted on the necessity of amending the law.Sseobuteo make sure the opposition was the opposite. Democratic Party spokesman Choi Jae "The opposition Grand National Party in the days and not intercepting cell phone that is attached to drive Do you not join," said, "I wonder when you accuse the regime seemed to be trying to tap the whole Lucky people a voice," he said. Liberty Forward Party spokeswoman Park Sun-young, "virtually unlimited, and the people involved in the monitoring Clubmz e-spy review of its intention to privacy," he criticized.The resistance of the device in the opposition Grand National Party adamant that annoying. One of the key officials, "the law can be amended if necessary but I just do not know," said "public opinion, I'll cull," he said.